50 of my 50 articles crossed 20 views each. Highest one with 300 & Lowest, 20

3 min readMay 17, 2022

People always say this, “Don’t run behind numbers”. I’d partially disagree with that. They don’t mean exactly what they say. Don’t believe me? Let’s talk in examples

Example 1: As the image shows, there are 71,100 views, 2391 upvotes, 5 shares, and 16 comments.

Screenshot of the stats of one of my quora answers

Two years ago, when the world was stuck in lockdown, I answered a question on Quora and it started garnering views unexpectedly. I was so surprised that I started checking the views every day, if not every session. I used to feel happy after seeing the views getting increased by 100 or whatever every evening. I was so obsessed with the numbers that after a point in time, it started feeling like the views aren’t increasing much. Eventually, I was disappointed for not reaching certain so-called milestones.

When people say “don’t run behind numbers”, this is what they mean. Do not get obsessed with numbers that you end up with nothing more than that. It does mean that — DO NOT RUN BEHIND NUMBERS LIKE A MANIC

Example 2: As the image shows, I could publish 50 articles and 152 drafts which are about to be published in a couple of years 😉

Screenshot of the Your stories page on Medium

Let me tell you this. I won’t say that I didn’t check the views over the past few months. I checked the views and that’s why I’m writing this. But, there is a difference. I wasn’t obsessed with the views. I used to check them occasionally. When the views were high, I was happy. When the views were low, I didn’t bother myself to check them again. Now, I’m not that kind of a person to credit this behavior for the views I’ve been getting. It just makes you more normal. You won’t be frequently disappointed and surprised. It makes you more balanced, a lot calmer, and more still as per Ryan Holiday.

For all those who write and post online, I have only got this much to say.


Quoting myself from a previous Medium Post

You are much more than these views, numbers, likes, shares, and claps. After all, the numbers are just a validation. Get attached to the process more than the result. Perceive this in the truest sense. You will find some peace.

Here’s something you’d love if you like to write.