Credit to the artist I couldn’t find on Google, Apologies!

All of us are actors. Socially conditioned actors. We, actors, don’t deserve to be called heroes. Heroes are the ones who don’t act or at least who acts the least. So, what does it take to be a hero? Nothing much. Just be you. If you can shut down the white noise and be what you want to, you are a hero. If there are 5 people, it’s called a group. If there are 50, it’s called society. A society to which you’re answerable and accountable. This society wants you to act. This society wants you to be confident. Yet, this society is the first to point it out as arrogance if your decision is not in its favour. This society wants you to be loyal. Yet, it exploits you if you’re innocent. This society wants you to be truthful. Yet, the society, itself is diplomatic. This society roots for you to be a hero. Yet, it is the first one to pull you down and call you out that you’re acting. This society tells you to make mistakes to learn. Yet, it embarrasses you if you fail. Hope this finds you well, Society. Keep acting…

Yours diplomatically,



Writing makes me happy!

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