The Mumbai Experience

2 min readApr 18, 2022

Recently, I’ve been to Mumbai for a 3-day jaunt with 7 of my friends. We’ve booked the beds in a backpacker hostel. We didn’t want to see the budget soaring. Once landed in Mumbai, we took a couple of taxis to reach this hostel. Intimidated by the high-rise buildings on either side, the taxis we were in, were moving pretty fast. Soon, we got to witness the uniqueness of Mumbai.

The hostel we booked is behind one of the slums which took us by a bit of surprise. We drove through those grubby lanes with houses made from corrugated iron sheets and some left-over pieces of wood and mattresses on either side. The scenes before our eyes pierced through the thick skin to reflect on our lives so far and the morale slumped with a heavy bag of emotions.

Put the words so far aside for a minute, on the last day of the trip, we’ve been to a restaurant named ‘Social’ in Palladium Mall. We got to know that it’s a 3-star hotel on Google and yes we went ahead. We were too thirsty to order a water bottle before the ordered food arrived. To my fair bit of overwhelming surprise, my eyes popped out after gazing at the price of the water bottle which shows 395/- only. We were happy that we didn’t use it. Right away, we returned it to the waiter beside. We felt extremely satisfied to remain thirsty.

I just want to leave you to experience this whenever you visit Mumbai all by yourself. For the rest of this end, I am confused to put out more words. There isn’t much to say but a lot to digest, process, and contemplate. See you soon!